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A New Direction

A New Direction

...personalize it, and make it more about what describes me.

So it's been almost four months since I started getting into programming, and had all these ideas for blogs and YouTube channels and courses and I can honestly say that my web development skills/knowledge has come a long way. It's definitely been stressful and difficult, but it's also been extremely rewarding and satisfying when everything goes just I spec it out. I think I'm getting to that point where I'm deciding what I want to do and the direction I want my projects to go. Up until now, All of my blogs have been specifically about programming, as updates and milestones and whatnot, but I think I want to head in a new direction. If this site is really to be my own, then I should personalize it, and make it more about what describes me.

While I know that I enjoy coding and it's a massive passion in my life right now, I still have other things going on. I have this Work Term Report that I have to get done, I have this whole complicated moving situation to get through, I have a bunch of movies/shows on my watchlist to go through, and I recently got addicted to playing Fortnite with my pals online. All these other parts of my life have to get some screen time as well! What actually made me start thinking about this is the addition of tags to my blog archive. When I try to categorize my posts into neat little boxes, I don't want 'coding' to be the only one there, so that's why I'm writing this post. I find it helpful to make it public (even to the small group of people who'll see this) that I am committed to putting more effort into my writing going forward. I actually want to get this collection to grow into something I'm proud of, because I already have a lingering feeling that my early work reeks of laziness.

What I entail with this new goal is stuff like gaming discussions, movie reviews, coding concepts and other meaningful contributions that actually deserve their space on the world wide web. I look at it the same why I look at my current projects; while I'm proud of all of them in some way, I want to take on a challenge, and to do more. I don't want freeCodeCamp to be my only source of projects the same way I don't want my only Notes to be on React, and my only blog posts about monthly updates!

Anyway, long story short, I'm going to be writing more, and about more in general, so keep posted!