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A Synonym For Busy

A Synonym For Busy

I'm sure in some cosmic sense everything cancelled out...

This entire month has been completely loaded. School started, I deployed the site, co-op first round started/ended, and I went camping for Victoria Day Weekend. I haven't had the time to update this blog, or edit the existing articles, and truth be told I probably should be studying instead of writing this, but everyone procrastinates differently.

I guess this will serve as my self-congratulatory blog. Congrats Me! You finally deployed your website and even sent it to a bunch of hiring managers. Lots of big steps had to be taken in terms of editing, and getting everything to work cross-browser (IE is most definitely the worst thing ever), but at least it's done and it's a thing to be proud of. Of course now that I know more about Front End Tech, I'd do it all differently, but it's still a learning experience.

Along with the site, I've also finished up my first round of co-op applications. I'm going to be honest, I'm absolutely terrified. I'm applying so far out of the common 'Nanotechnology Engineering' umbrella, and stepping on the toes of a bunch of CS/ECE/SE students. All 50 of my applications were Software Engineer/Developer positions, so I guess I really committed to this. It's a gigantic pivot, but I think marketing myself as an outside thinker and passionate about coding can really go a long way. Plus, I don't think this site really hurts either.

Lastly, the Victoria Day weekend. It was definitely a great way to just kind of escape from school and classes and whatever just to chill. Sure my GitHub contributions got a little grey, and I fell behind in HackerRank's 30 days of code, but whatever. I have plenty of time to worry about school and online courses later, I should take time to enjoy stuff more often. That being said, I was pretty much gone from reality, cramming the 3 days I got back, but I'm sure in some cosmic sense everything cancelled out, so it's fine.

Anyway, this blog was a long time coming, and I still have to do my May review, but hopefully it'll be much shorter now.