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June 2018 - Done With the Job Search

June 2018 - Done With the Job Search

So this is it, my written statement of dedication.

This is going to be a quick update, because I haven't been doing much this month outside of school. I'm keeping on pace relatively well with the JavaScript 30 course, but I've also gotten back many of my marks from Midterm Season, and honestly I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I wish that I'd done better and that might be because I'm spending a lot of my time on stuff that really isn't school related: i.e. programming and video games. Honestly, as much as I want to spend more time working on my coding skills, it just doesn't make sense when school is so expensive and demanding. In my opinion, it's like two full time jobs (class + homework), and I'm the one paying them, so If I already got the bad end of this deal, failing a course, or a term would only do worse for me.

So this is it, my written statement of dedication:

For the next two months, I'm going to go all out with studying, assignments, labs, and final prep, in order to make up for the mistakes that I made on the midterms.

Yeah, yeah, this is good. I think having it written down will give me some sort of holistic sense of dedication. That, or I'll have an audience for my repeating the 2B term.

Till then, peace out kiddos.