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May 2018 - Landing That Dev Co-op

May 2018 - Landing That Dev Co-op

I've gotten a few interviews!

This past month has been insane. I covered a bunch of the stressful stuff in my last update but this is going to be a little more general, and cover some more recent updates. Namely, school so far, co-op so far, and some random coding stuff.

So, school. The concept of 8:30 lectures, and me as an individual are still conflicting ideas, but I'm getting better. That being said, I can totally see myself falling behind the more time I commit to the JS30 Course and Hackerrank's 30 days of Code Tutorials, but to be honest, it's just a different way of relaxing. I'm enjoying how regimented these are, since I pretty much lost all of May to redesigning and updating the site. I just kept making changes and bug-testing, but now I just get through a challenge a day and then focus on school. Even so, midterms are closing in quick, so I have to close that gap ASAP.

In terms of co-op, I'm actually pretty amped about how it's going. My pure goal was to get a CS/SE job, and I've gotten a few interviews! I applied for a bunch of jobs in Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, and California. Usually though, the Cali jobs only go to third/fourth years, but why not try? I've actually had a few interviews so far and I've never enjoyed them more! When they ask technical questions I actually really enjoy answering and talking tech, mainly because I have no programming buddies. I can't shoot the shit with anyone since all my UW friends are science-based, so I like the change of environment. I definitely feel like the interviews are going well so far, but I guess we'll see when rankings come out.

Lastly some random coding updates. I actually bought a bunch of Web Dev textbooks off of Humble Bundle today since it was like $15 USD. I hope I get to read those soon, but for some reason I don't think that will happen. Besides that, the site is still holding up! I've been getting a lot of compliments from friends, and they've even helped me bug test. I actually had to patch a bug with the Grammerly browser extension last week, so that was cool. I even received a message through the Contact Form for the first (real) time! With all that, I definitely feel like I've found my passion with CS/SE, but the self-taught path is gonna be rough. Still, totally down though.