Get it, like stack, it's an S-tier pun
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Screenshot of Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

The first React app I've ever built, emulating an online fish market. You can even login with Twitter/Github and start your own store!

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Screenshot of Reduxstagram


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Screenshot of Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life

A zero-player game evolution game to simulate Conway's Game of Life. Best part: Dark mode!

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Screenshot of Stacker News

Stacker News

A pretty one-to-one clone of Hacker News with accounts, posting, and voting. Built entirely from scratch, without any template/starter files!

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Screenshot of Twitter-CL


A helpful command-line tool I published to the NPM registry which allows you to interact with some of Twitter's functionality without touching a web browser.

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Screenshot of Markdown PreVuer

Markdown PreVuer

A pun that evolved into an actual project. Do you get it? Pre-Vue-r! Because It's built in Vue.js! I thought of it in the shower, and built it out in a day 👌👌

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Another coding pun! The same projects as above,
but far less flashy presentation 😎👌

Other Neat Stuff

Here is a short list of stuff that I'm planning on doing/working on in my spare time:

  • A Chrome/Firefox browser extension
  • A standalone Electron desktop application
  • Another 3 subdomain gallery pages for older projects
  • A VSCode theme
  • An eslint-config
  • A revamped GitHub Pages site

I'm also way addicted to buying domain names just to eventually make something for, so keep your eyes peeled for some other neat projects over at the following: